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No covenant enforcement = bad idea

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It’s all about enhancing the value of your community – 

strong management is key to achieving your goal.

Each HOA is different, and some may only require Accounting Services, here are some of the full service options that we proudly offer:

Monthly Activity

* Bookkeeping and maintenance / reconciliation of all accounts
* Receipt and payment of all bills
* Receipt and accounting of all assessments
* Provide summary of account activity
* Invoicing of homeowners assessments
* Maintain list of homeowners
* Prepare summary report of activity for board meetings
* Maintain email account for board and resident use

Services as Needed


* Prepare and deliver notices of covenant violations
* File liens on delinquent homeowners for assessments
* Attend board meetings as requested and available
* Propose site for annual homeowners meeting and attend 
* Provide best practices advice to board and committees

Annual Activity


* Prepare and propose annual budget

* Prepare and file all tax forms
* Bid for services and review contracts as needed
* Deliver meeting notices to homeowners

Other Services Charged at Cost


* Website development and maintenance, including posting of bylaws and covenants and meeting notices
* Initiate lawsuits, garnishments, or foreclosure to enforce and collect assessments
* Initiate lawsuits to enforce covenants
* Discounted closing fees for purchase of property or refinances for residents in your neighborhood

When the bottom line matters most ......

We provide full service financial management with online transparent HOA account access 24-7 for each homeowner.


Our reports are in an easy to understand format. We have the highest level of integrity and full transparency, which allows you to have comfort with your HOA's finances and future.


We understand the level of security and trust you place in us, and we take every measure to provide an overall reporting program that will keep you up-to-date and secure with your community's financial standing.

Covenant protection = yes, please


* Please note that costs associated with additional services, mailing, filing fees, etc. are not included in management fee. 

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